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The 29th Helen Hayes Awards


Artist | Performer | Creative Director


Ajani: Volume 1

In April 2020, during the earlier stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nickolas was eager to create while social distancing. He locked himself in his apartment for a few days (like he had a choice) and created a short film. The  challenge was to complete something by himself, that normally requires more than just one person to achieve. From filming, lighting, musical scoring, creating sound effects to editing, Nickolas wore many hats. Ajani: Vol 1 is part of a trilogy, where Nickolas will explore self doubt, loneliness, queerness and nostalgia over three complete bodies of work. WATCH HERE.
Ajani Vol 1 Poster 1a.jpg
April 12, 2020 

The TAG Solo Studio Festival 

Nickolas brings his one-man show back to LA in the TAG Solo Studio Festival on Sep 27, 2019. Nickolas stars in his original one-man show titled 'TIL YOU MAKE IT, which premiered at Thymele Arts in Los Angeles, California. This one-night-only experience is filled with original work from Nickolas, where he uses acting, singing, and dancing to tell a unique story. Nickolas made an encore performance in New York, NY on May 6th, 2019.
'Til You Make It  is directed by William Bryant Miles and Chantal Nchako, and produced by Nickolas Vaughan.
For ticketing and more information click here. 
NAV Show Flyer 1f.jpg
September 27, 2019  -  8pm

The Nickolas Vaughan Show

'Til You Make It

Nickolas stars in his original one-man show titled 'TIL YOU MAKE IT, which premieres at Thymele Arts in Los Angeles, California. This one-night-only experience is filled with original work from Nickolas, where he uses acting, singing, and dancing to tell a unique story. Nickolas made an encore performance in New York, NY on May 6th, 2019.
'Til You Make It  was directed by William Bryant Miles and Chantal Nchako, and produced by Nickolas Vaughan.
April 12, 2019 + May 6, 2019


Nickolas stars as William in the short film "Civies." Nickolas leads a small cast of four in the military drama written by Mathew David Suhr. The short tackles the issues of a VA hospital and the treatment of vets once they return to civilian life. 
Nickolas was proud to join fellow actors Jesse Alverez, Jasmine Reid, and Max Thayer.
Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 3.15.00 PM.png
July 20, 2018


Nickolas joins the cast of Carson and makes his West Coast film acting debut. Carson is a family comedy about a teenage Samoan girl who lives with her two Older Brothers, Parents, Uncle and Grandma in Carson, California. Now that she is becoming a woman the men in her family are having a hard time adjusting. 
Carson was submitted to the NBC Universal Short Film Festival for 2018. Carson was produced by Nesian Films, a Production Company based in Los Angeles, California that consists of Polynesian Filmmakers. Carson was directed by Laiku Soares. Written by Laiku Soares, Taeao Salima and Dustin Burke. Produced by Laiku Soares and Taeao "Tadao” Salima. 
April 18, 2018


As a Creative Director of Show:UP! Nickolas along with Team Show:UP! are back for its 4th season with “City of Dreams.”
“City of Dreams,” a new immersive, interactive experience that explores the lives of four New Yorkers. Over the year, you get a front row seat while they push themselves to the limit as they take on the world’s toughest city. 
CITY OF DREAMS is a multi-platform theatrical experience that asks the question: What would happen if the audience was thrust into the world of their favorite characters? 

CITY OF DREAMS invites guests to follow characters on instagram, and meet them for a party where ANYTHING can happen. CITY OF DREAMS launched it's 4th season on November 18th, 2017. Check out for more information.
November 18, 2017

Play It By Heart

Nickolas Vaughan and Crystal Bowersox, the "American Idol" season nine (2010) runner-up join the cast of the Amas Musical Theatre and The Amas Musical Theatre Lab staged readings of Play It by Heart, a new musical, with music by David SpanglerJerry Taylor and Marty Dodson, lyrics by David SpanglerJerry TaylorR.T. Robinson, and Marty Dodson, and book by Willy Holtzman.
Play It by Heart is the story of the Jaspers, a singing family on the Christian circuit shepherded by the firm hand of the matriarch, Naomi Jasper. Her daughter Jeanine breaks out to become a huge country star and her youngest, Jamie Lynn, is sent to boarding schools to protect her from the limelight. When Jamie Lynn sings the heck out of her sister's signature hit in a Karaoke bar, a smart phone video goes viral, it sets the family on a crisis of identity and they are forced to confront a long-held secret. Like the title song says, "if you don't know your part, just play it by heart."
Directed by Jaki Bradley with music direction by Henry Aronson, the readings will be held on Monday, October 23 at 6pm and Tuesday, October 24th at 3pm and 7:00pm at Ripley-Grier Studios - Studio 312 (305 West 38th Street).
October 23, 2017

STooPS Bed-Stuy

As a Creative Director of Show:UP! Nickolas along with Team Show:UP! will present at STooPS Bed-Stuy on Aug 6th, 2017.
STooPS incubates art at home by sharing resources and re-imagining ice-broken spaces for public engagement. Bed-Stuy grown and artist-instigated, STooPS is a conduit for community building and intentional artistic experimentation. STooPS fosters meaningful interactions in (un)conventional venues that are mutually beneficial for artists and neighbors.
Show:UP! will transport audiences to a fabulous STooP party where anything goes. With the block as the backdrop, Show:UP! hosts will create a unique party atmosphere that blurs the line between performance and reality. As is the Show:UP! way, the work will offer guests something different depending on when and how they encounter the work, and encourage meaningful audience engagement.
With this project, it is our hope that audiences will be entertained, and develop a new understanding of their neighbors, both familiar and foreign.
July 31, 2017
I'll Take It
Amas Musical Theatre and The Amas Musical Theatre Lab will present a staged workshop of the new musical comedy I’ll Take It July 31 at 6 PM and August 1 at 3 PM and 7 PM at Ripley-Grier Studios
Directed by Devanand Janki and inspired by Christopher Morley’s 1917 novella Parnassus on Wheels, the musical features music by Henry Krieger(Dreamgirls, Side Show) and a book and lyrics by Eli Pasic.
The new musical concerns a spunky, middle-aged farm woman, Helen McGill, who lives with her brother and longs for adventure. The opportunity presents itself when traveling book seller Roger Mifflin sells his business to her. “And there begins their adventure/romance and the journey of a lifetime,” according to press notes.
The cast will feature Jill Abramovitz, Tiffany Chalothorn, Marc delaCruz, Kevin B. McGlynn, Kelsey Ryan Moore, David Rogue, Nickolas Vaughan, and Dana Watkins.
July 31, 2017
Joyful, Joyful
David Rowen, producer of YouTube series davidrowen/creative, assembled a diverse group of Broadway/theatre performers to remake and put a spin on the classic gospel medley, "Joyful, Joyful," from the Whoopi Goldberg and Lauryn Hill film, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. The video is the creative element of a larger project to promote positive social change, and to raise awareness and charity for Teen and Police Service (TAPS) Academy, which is a program that connects at-risk youth and law enforcement to build trust and understanding between the two groups.
November 13, 2016
This kaleidoscopic reinvention of "The Arabian Nights" wraps stories within stories, deconstructing and examining narrative, the Middle East and identity through a 21st-century lens, and the love story of a Jewish man and Palestinian woman.

music directed by IAN AXNESS
directed by ERIN ORTMAN

July 14-17, 2016
Song Of Songs Of Songs

On March 13th, the Heartbeat Opera Spring Festival COLLABORET Series featured SONG OF SONG OF SONGS atTheatre at St. Clement's in New York, NY.  This new series starts started with SONG OF SONG OF SONGS by Marisa Michelson in collaboration with director Ethan Heard and choreographer Chase Brock.  A musical piece in three movements explores the relationship between the sensual and the sacred in a performance that falls somewhere between live music video, opera, and oratorio.

March 13, 2016
SHOW:UP! Detroit
Show:UP! is a Pop-Up Immersive Dining Experience that pops-up all over New York and Washington DC. Show:UP! was created by William Bryant Miles and Nickolas Vaughan in 2014 in Brooklyn, NY.  In April 2016, the Best Dinner Party Ever made it's way to Detroit, Michigan, as they began their National Tour funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.  
Fox 2 Detroit, Culinary Director Shellie Porter, Creative Director Nickolas Vaughan, Creative Director William Bryant Miles.
Show:UP! Creative Team and Detroit Guests
April 16-17, 2016
More News Coming Soon...
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